Artist Maria Degrève makes an installation in the windows of Copyright Ghent

For the Vitrines d’Amour exhibition circuit, Maria Degrève created two impressive installations in the windows of Copyright Ghent. In one shop window she placed the self-portrait ‘Kiss’ on a high pedestal and shows herself as a sad Pierrot covered with kisses. In the other shop window she placed ‘Blackened Sun Flowers’, a vase with flowers made of real women’s hair and a mourning bow. This work has many layers and refers not only to Van Gogh’s painting with the vase and sunflowers, but also to the sad fact that women in Iran today can be spit on, whipped and even killed if they have the courage to show their hair.

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Artist Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven signs ’33 women series’ in Copyright Anywerp

Belgian and Antwerp artist Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven placed a work in the Copyright window, baked chocolate cake for the book launch and signing. Copyright provided bio-cava (and water). Bookseller Hilde Peleman, artist Annemie Van De Kerckhoven, publisher Bruno Devos and theater maker, author and columnist Julie Cafmeyer all did their best to clarify this publication and indicate its importance. The book is published by Stockmans Art Books. In Copyright it was an interesting and warm Sunday afternoon!

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New Year’s card 2024: Homage to Charlotte Perriand

For the first time in a long time, the tradition of making a Copyright New Year’s card was resumed – now digitally.
Here, Hilde Peleman once again gives her interpretation of a well-known image from art or architectural history: the well-known portrait of Charlotte Perriand, a pioneer in the field of design and architecture. Instead of skating, Hilde wears vintage shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo, the snowy mountain landscape has been replaced by a well-stocked library. Our New Year’s wish for 2024: Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

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Monumental ceramic works by Belgian artist Antoine Vandewoude in the windows of Copyright Antwerp

Monumental ceramic works by Belgian artist Antoine Vandewoude in the shop windows and in the interior of Copyright Antwerp. That is why the end of 2024 turned out to be very beautiful! Antoine did a tour de force for us, a heroic act against time. But we are incredibly grateful to him for this exceptionally beautiful installation!

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Window display and book signing by Klaas Rommelaere following his publication ‘Johnny’ in Copyright Antwerp

Beautiful installation by artist Klaas Rommelaere in Copyright Antwerp. He signed his book ‘Johnny’, published by A.P.E. on Sunday, December 10.
And look at his sweater with our Copyright logo!

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Belgian Fashion Designer Edouard Vermeulen (Natan Couture) signs his book in Copyright Antwerp

After a lecture in the Momu, Edouard Vermeulen came to sign his beautiful and extensive book in Copyright. He is known as the couturier of the Belgian and Dutch queens. In his refined and elegant designs you often recognize the hand of the architect and the artist. He studied interior architecture and his signature is one of the most beautiful we ever saw in the bookshop. The book was compiled by Veerle Windels and published by MER.B&L.

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Fashion designer Kris Van Assche signs his book ’55 Collections’ in Copyright Antwerp

Belgian fashion designer Kris Van Assche studied at the Antwerp Fashion Academy from 1994 to 1998 and then moved to Paris, where he worked for Yves Saint Laurent and later Dior until 2004 together with Hedi Slimane. In 2007 he was appointed designer for the Dior men’s collection, following Hedi Slimane. In 2018 he became creative director at Berluti.

In 2005 he started his own clothing line, based in Paris, which would exist until 2015. His book ’55 Collections’, published by Lannoo, highlights his entire oeuvre to date. He signed his book 21/10/2023 in Copyright, after a lecture organized by the Fashion Museum Momu.

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Artist and Ghent neighbor Peter Buggenhout made an installation for his new book ‘Erotism’ in the window of Copyright Ghent. A Blow Up of the cover featuring the portrait of Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali with the book presented in a cutout. He signed his book on October 20, 2023.

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Artist and architect Anne-Sophie Demare: a sculptural installation in the shop windows of Copyright Antwerp

French artist and architect Anne-Sophie Demare who resides in Ghent, created a beautiful sculptural installation in Copyright Antwerp. Pleated and curved paper structures grew over the three shop windows, covered with dark gray matte acrylic. With respect for her composition, Babs Decruyenaere and Hilde Peleman integrated the books in a respectful, minimalist way.

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Window display by Babs Decruyenaere for her publication ‘Understanding the Landscape’

Beautiful window display by artist and Copyright employee Babs Decruyenaere in the bookshop in Antwerp, made in connection with her publication ‘Understanding the Landscape’. The book and the limited edition were published by the Amsterdam publishing house 1605 Collective.
She signed her book on Sunday 10/9/2023.

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Artist Joëlle Dubois brings Girl Power and colour in the windows of Copyright Bookshop Ghent

Her first monograph ‘Future Nostalgia’ was festively staged by Joelle Dubois in the shop windows of Copyright Ghent. No one could pass by the store without looking at the two large prints with striking characters in colorful and playful compositions.
Dubois draws inspiration from the constant stream of photos, videos and clips on the internet, capturing in her characters a mix of compromising, sad or obsessed fragments of today’s hectic and confused Zeitgeist.

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Artist Denmark shows some works from his Archives in Copyright Antwerp

For the new publication Denmark Archives by publisher Hopper&Fuchs, artist Denmark made an installation with his works that function as visual archives. He creates objects with cut and accumulated books, newspapers, magazines and files, questioning the mass production of printed paper in the media landscape. So it was an ambiguous installation in Copyright Bookshop! 🙂

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Vitrines d’Amour by photographer Basile Rabaey

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Karien Vandekerkhove ‘Dear Light, dearest dearest Light: book presentation and window

A selection of Karien Vandekerkhove’s intimate photographs was collected in the book ‘Dear Light, dearest, dearest light’ and published by Hopper&Fuchs. During the presentation, a video was played in which author Philip Ball gave a very interesting and beautiful conference about Vandekerkhove’s work for this occasion.

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Inge Grognard: Makeup 1989-2005. Window in Copyright Antwerp

Inge Grognard is the Belgian makeup artist who is best known for her work and creative input in the image of the Antwerp Six and Martin Margiela. Zegris published a book about her pioneering makeup from the 1980s and 1990s, beautifully and sharply photographed by her partner Ronald Stoops. They chose a number of images for the shop window that reflect their work and philosophy.

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Ria Bosman Selected Works 1978-2021: Book presentation and installation

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Monumental shop window in Copyright Antwerp by Celina Vleugels

A monumental textile composition by artist and collaborator Celina Vleugels as a reminder of the beautiful summer and welcome to a colorful autumn.

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Photographer Marcel Lennartz, the Queer Arts Festival Antwerp en Copyright Bookshop

On the occasion of the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, we dressed our shop window with a photo by Marcel Lennartz and a thematic book selection of queer artists, architects, photographers and fashion designers.

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Artist Celina Vleugels shows her filt works in the window of Copyright Bookshop Ghent

Celina Vleugels, artist who works a lot with textiles and felt and who works at Copyright Bookshop Ghent, literally and figuratively brightened up our shop window in Copyright with fresh, summery compositions.

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Artist Shirley Villavicencio Pizango in Copyright Bookshop Ghent

Artist Shirley Villavicencio Pizango (1988, Lima), living and working in Ghent and represented by Galerie Geukens & De Vil, created a beautiful shop window in Copyright Ghent. She presented her book ‘Dark Empathy’ (Posture Editions) with a Peruvian touch!

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Isabel Miquel Arqués presents her book in the window of Copyright Antwerp

Isabel Miquel Arqués, Spanish photographer and artist who lives in Antwerp, made a very nice installation in our shop window there following the publication ‘Beyond Borders’. The book’s subtitle is ‘Dialogue with Karen Blixen’ (1885-1962), author of ‘Out of Africa’ and ‘Babette’s feast’ – both also made into a film. Isabel visited her home in Rungstedlund in the far north and photographed the everyday objects surrounding the writer. A beautiful book, an attractive showcase!

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Artist Kasper De Vos transforms the windows of Copyright Antwerp

Belgian artist Kasper De Vos transformed the shop windows of Copyright Antwerp with his fried egg woodcut and two felt slices of cheese (with holes) on the occasion of the publication of his book UNO, published by Plus One Gallery and Stockmans Art Books.
Bruno de Vos of Stockmans printed a beautiful postcard for us especially for this occasion.

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The Shape of Things to Come: sculpturen en ceramische objecten van Annick Vandecappelle in Copyright Antwerp

Artist Annick Vandecapelle shows her handmade constructivist, brutalist, poetically abstract sculptures in the shop windows and between the books on the bookcase and our solid marble plinth in Copyright Antwerp.

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Artist William Ploegaert shows Ipad drawings on the occasion of his publication ‘Nimesis, Nemesis’ in Copyright Gent

During the Ghent event ‘9000 books’ William Ploegaert showed 2 large ipad drawings in the showcases of Copyright Gent on the occasion of the publication ‘Nimesis, Nemesis’.

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New bookcase in Copyright Antwerp designed by Vincent Van Duysen

Architect Vincent Duysen, architect of Copyright Bookshop Antwerp, designed a new monumental display case for us that connects Copyright to the renovated entrance of the Momu Fashion Museum. On the occasion of the reopening of the museum, Jonas of Blomster shop arranged weekly flower creations in the sculptural vase by Ronald van der Hilst.

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Book launch monography of artist Arne Quinze

Copyright on relocation. Publisher Lannoo launched the monograph on the work of Arne Quinze in ‘Gazon’ Gent, a nice location in the middle of nature. We had a sales booth and enjoyed the fascinating conversation between Arne Quinze and moderator Wim Opbrouck together with the many attendees. It was a lovely summer evening!

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Artist Si Bollé paints the shop windows of Copyright Antwerp

Live performance by Si Bollé who painted the shop windows with poppies/poppies, a visual feast to start the summer!

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Artist Johan de Wilde presents his publication ‘Hands of Time’

Installation by artist Johan De Wilde in the Corbusier-red corridor shop windows of Copyright Gent on the occasion of his publication ‘Hands of Time’, Pars pro Toto.

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Tyler Brûle, founder and creative director of Monocle and Wallpaper*Magazine, signs The Monocle Books of Homes in Copyright Antwerp

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Landscape architect Erik Dhont signs his new book ‘Works 1999-2020’ in Copyright Bookshop Antwerp

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City festival 9000 BOOKS in collaboration with Publisher MER: contributions by artists Kris Martin, Koen van den Broek, Tim Onderbeke and Louisa Maria Ponseele in Copyright Bookshop Gent

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Radio streaming by architecture magazine A+ for the publication URA, Yves Malisse & Kiki Verbeeck, Architectural Projects 2002-2020

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Artist Werner Mannaers exhibits his works ‘Everything will go well’ as a positive message during Covid-19 in Copyright Bookshop Antwerp

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Marie-José Van Hee signs her book ‘Marie-José Van Hee Architecten. More Home, More Garden

In December the monograph on Marie-José Van Hee, published by Copyright Slow Publishing, was finally there. The very first book, presented to the architect in the private home of publisher Hilde Peleman, was followed by a good glass of wine and a delicious dinner. The monograph was presented on Sunday 8 December and Marie-José Van Hee signed the books with grat pleasure. Afterwards a reception followed at neighboring restaurant Lepelblad where chef Tina provided all kinds of delicious snacks and there was a particularly nice atmosphere among friends, clients and architecture lovers. Michel De Vos, an enthusiastic customer of Marie José even gave even a speech on top of a table!

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Presentation of Confessions 1

Studio Jan De Vylder / ETH Zürich D-ARCH
& Copyright Bookshop
kindly invites you to the presentation of Confessions 1

September 21, 2019, 6 pm
Les Ballets C de la B
Bijlokekaai 1, Gent

Jan De Vylder
Peter Swinnen
Maarten Delbeke
Gideon Boie
Inge Vinck
Filip Dujardin
Annamaria Prandi
Piet Bodyn

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Louis De Cordier presents his publication ‘Biblioteca del Sol’ in Copyright Gent

The artist Louis De Cordier set out in 2010 to construct his Biblioteca Del Sol: an underground repository of thousands of books and seeds, to which he continues to add. Far away from volcanoes and nuclear power stations, the library is intended to preserve knowledge for future generations, even after an apocalyptic disaster. This little book documents the surroundings, building and use of the Biblioteca Del Sol. It includes a text by the author-poet Maarten Inghels together with Plato’s famous Allegory of the Cave.

The publication comprises an exclusive woodcut by Louis De Cordier, printed, signed and numbered by the artist.

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Presentation Valentine C Perfume 14th by artist Peter de Cupere

With an introduction by the artist in the intriguing world of spicy, surprising and sensual scents.

In addition, every visitor received a free sample.

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Book launch and signing of ‘Wim Vanlessen Dancer’

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Book launch ‘Do You want your Feet Back? Barefoot Cobblers’

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Vincent Van Duysen signs his monograph ‘Works 2009-2018’

Book launch Vincent Van Duysen ‘Works 2009-2018’. Full house!

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ARCHIVES #3 Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu

Book presentation, autograph session and tour

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Thomas Bogaert signs his book ‘The Camera Series’ in the Wunderkammer of MDD (Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens) and makes a shop window in Copyright Gent

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Bruno Roels signs his book ‘The Pyramids and Palm Trees Test’ in Copyright Antwerp

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Book launch ‘Cross Section’ and conversation with architects Gijs Van Vaerenberg

In Copyright Antwerp, ‘Cross Section’, the first ‘Architecture Monogram’, was presented on Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

A conversation between Christophe Van Gerrewey, Pieterjan Gijs & Arnout Van Vaerenbergh, and architects Marieke Kums & Cathelijne Nuijsink, editors of the monograph series at Ruby Press.

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Paul Robbrecht, Hilde Daem and Johannes Robbrecht sign their book ‘An Architectural Anthology’ in Copyright Gent

3 signatures for each book. And after the hard work, a nice reception in the offices of Copyright!

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‘Action Drawing’ with Jarno Kettunen at Copyright Antwerp

Born in Finland, living in Brussels, fashion illustrator Jarno Kettunen is famous for his spontaneous, expressive drawings of models at the catwalk or backstage for Chanel, Dior, Gaultier, A.F. Vandevorst, Hendrik Vibskov, o.a.. At Copyright Antwerp he drawed portraits of the visitors (in collaboration with Stockmans Calendars). Hilde Peleman from Copyright served homemade nordic food and there was Finish vodka!

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Olivier Theyskens dresses a window of Copyright Antwerp ‘She Walks in Beauty’

At his exhibition in the Momu, Fashion Museum in Antwerp ‘She Walks in Beauty’, Olivier Theyskens writes the poem by Lord Byron in his own handwriting on a shop window of Copyright:
‘She walks in beauty,
like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.’

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Nel Aerts en Vaast Colson make drawings for 2 days at Copyright Ghent

During the Drawing Days (a drawing project in numerous places in Ghent city) Nel Aerts and Vaast Colson signed for two days non stop from 11 to 18.30. Vaast followed the customers’ route on a printed map of the bookshop, and Nel made a drawing on the other side of the paper. The people got the drawings and were very happy!

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Walter Van Beirendonck signs his book ‘Power Mask – The Power of Mask’ at Copyright Antwerp

Ever since his first collections in the 1980s, Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck has been intrigued by masks. For the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam he curated the exhibition ‘Powermask’ and after a Meet & Greet at Momu he signed his book at Copyright.

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Dries Van Noten signs his 2 volume book ‘1 – 100’ at Copyright Antwerp

With a lot of press  and for many people, Dries Van Noten signs his book ‘1-100’. It was an unforgettable day!

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Book presentation ‘Colour Sells’ by Hilde Francq

Color expert and consultant Hilde Francq not only gives tips on the use of color in packaging and product design in her book, but that afternoon in Copyright she also fascinated the specialized audience with her clear explanation.

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D.D. Trans signs his book at Copyright Antwerp and installs some works in the windows

Everybody who bought the book, got a signed record cover, designed by the artist for free!

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Pop Up at ‘Integrated’ International Art & Design Conference, De Singel Antwerp (13-14/10/2013)

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Koen Fillet shows his linotypes at Copyright Antwerp

For the launch of his artist’s book ‘The Trail’ the well-known Belgian radio maker and artist Koen Fillet shows a series of linotypes around one theme: an overgrown walking path in Wales. Pieter van Copyright played gallery assistant that day.

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Patrick Van Caeckenbergh signs ‘Les Nébuleuses. Mon tout: Les étourdissements’

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Piet Raemdonck signs his monography and makes an installation in window of Copyright Antwerp

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Book launch Arpaïs du bois ‘Tout droit vers la fin en sifflotant’

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Window and performance by artist Honoré d’O

Honoré d’O made a shop window in Copyright Gent for the presentation of his publication ‘Vibrations Off’ and did a life performance in the window.

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Luc Vleugels book launch and window in Copyright Antwerpen: ‘C’ME Brutalist’

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Renato Nicolodi Book Launch at Copyright Antwerp, with live music by Ignatz

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Katrien De Blauwer signs ‘I Do Not Want to Disappear Silently into the Night’ at Copyright Antwerp

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‘Freunde von Freunden: Friends of Friends’ book launch at Copyright Antwerp

Presentation of Freunde von Freunden, published by Distanz Verlag Berlin.

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Artist Feline Minne signs her autobiographical debut ‘Medea and me’ and makes a window installation at Copyright Ghent.

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Ruben Bellinkx makes an installation in the shop windows of Copyright Antwerp, 06/2014

Because we we’re convinced of the importance of his first large publication ‘No obstacle, No Image’, we asked Belgian artist Ruben Bellinkx to make a window installation. Iside the shop he showed his video about 3 fighting dogs and a chair.

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‘The Book as Object’: art installation in Copyright Booshop Ghent, 16-17/06/2014

5 young Belgian artist were invited by artist Karel Verhoeven to participate in an art project at Copyright Ghent: Nikolaas Demoen, Lieve Dhondt, Elias Hueninck, Lisa Spilliaert, Egon Van Herreweghe en Karel Verhoeven himself. Each of them made a work within the context of the surrounding art and architecture books. When you bought a book at the bookshop during the exhibition days, you got a customized book for free: a book with a unique silkscreen cover, designed by Egon Van Herreweghe in an edition of 30 copies.

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Henk Visch makes a window installation and signes his book ‘Exactly how I remembered it’ in Copyright Bookshop Ghent

Henk Visch made hand drawings and coloured some pages for every body who bought the book!

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Van Duysen signs a.MAG 04 at Copyright Bookshop Antwerpen

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Jan Van Der Veken makes a window installation at Copyright Ghent for his publication ‘Fabrica magica’.

For ‘The Big Draw’, an art event all over the city of Ghent, graphic designer Jan Van der Veken dressed the window of Copyright Ghent with pieces of his private fifities collection. And we sold a print, exclusively available at our bookshop.

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ARPAÎS du bois signs ‘Petit livre qui ne tient pas debout’

ARPAÏS de bois signed her artist book ”Petit livre qui ne tient pas debout’ (‘Small Book Which Makes No Sense’ on April the 4th. Graphic design by Arpaïs and Reg Herygers from ‘Undercast’.

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Berlinde De Bruyckere signs ‘Romeo My Deer’

On sunday the 25th of november artist Berlinde De Bruyckere signed her latest book ‘Romeo my deer’ in Copyright Bookshop Ghent. We served the present visitors a high tea, with the nicest sandwiches and cakes from caterer Boxy Fine Foods and delicious Chinese black tea.

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Gert Voorjans signs his book ‘Interior Life’ at Copyright Bookshop Antwerp

It was a magnificent sunday afternoon! Gert and his friend Bernhard Coenen had completely refurbished the window and the interior of the bookshop itself by integrating all kind of objects from his private home. People were very surprised and it was a wonderful experience to see how minimal and baroque went so well together!

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Architecture debate, organised by the Flemish Architecture Institute (VAi)

Copyright Bookshop Antwerp opened the doors for a debate on architecture and urbanism, organised by the Flemish Architecture Institute (VAi) on sunday afternoon 09/09/2012: THE CITY AS CONSTRUCTION – A PUBLIC DEBATE ON SLOW URBANISM.
With lecturers Oscar Rommens, Bruno Verbergt, Linda Boudry, Kristiaan Borret and moderator Christoph Grafe.

Unfortunately, that day was also one of the hottest of september ….

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Erwin Olaf signs his book ‘Own’

Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf signd his newest book ‘Own’ at Copyright Bookshop Antwerp on saturday 02/06/12. He’s not only a very good photographer but also a very warm and charming man. It was a real delight to work with him!

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Jean-Marie Bytebier signs ‘Verleden/Continuous’ at Copyright Bookshop Ghent

Painter Jean-Marie Bytebier signed his first monography on friday evening, 27/01/12. He had a nice surprise for the customers: the first 20 people for whom he signed the book, got a small artwork for free!

The catering was done by the Copyright crew, created and cooked in the Copyright kitchen on the first floor!

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Book launch “Belgian designers and their interior” published by Luster in Copyright Antwerp

“Belgian designers and their interior” published by Luster, editor Muriel Verbist and photographs by Diane Hendrikx.

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Dirk Braeckman signs in Copyright Bookshop Ghent

Naar aanleiding van zijn tentoonstelling in het Museum M Leuven verscheen de eerste uitgebreide monografie over het fotografisch werk van Dirk Braeckman. Wij kennen Dirk al heel lang, vanaf de jaren ’80 en beschouwen hem als een vriend des huizes. Hij maakte in 1992 een postkaart voor Copyright Bookshop, waar Hilde, in hommage aan Piero della Francesca poseert als hertog Federico da Montefeltro.
Er was veel volk aanwezig op de signeersessie, en ook voor de receptie op de eerste verdieping van Copyright waar de hapjes door Hilde zelf gemaakt werden, geholpen door medewerkers Bieke en Honora.

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Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven signs her book ‘The Mistress of the Horizon’

Naar aanleiding van haar tentoonstelling in The Renaissance Society, Chicago, verscheen de eerste grote monografie over het werk van Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven.
We waren heel blij dat ze het boek bij ons wou signeren. En het bleek niet alleen gewoon signeren, want Anne-Mie had een heel arsenaal aan stempels en kleurpotloden mee …

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ARPAÏS du bois signs ‘Where We Met’

Kunstenaar ARPAÏS du bois maakte samen met de Japanse fotograaf Yamamoto Masao, het mooie boek “Where We Met”, uitgegeven door Lannoo. ARPAÏS, zelf een oud-medewerkster van Copyright Bookshop Antwerpen, kwam signeren zondag 9 oktober. Helaas kon Yamamoto niet komen, maar als troost (!) had hij voor ieder die het boek kocht, een mystery envelopje met telkens een ander gesigneerd mini-fotootje opgestuurd. Bedoeld als geluksbrenger, en door Arpaïs met heel veel charme meegegeven bij haar eigen signatuur in de boeken.

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Michaël Borremans signs in Copyright Bookshop Ghent

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Studio Job presentation and signing of ‘Book of Job’

On saturday the 10th of December 2010, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel signed their first monograhy. Playing off of what some see as the near-biblical intensity of Studio Job’s oeuvre, this monograph, their first, is titled The Book of Job. The lavish package resembles a traditional leather-bound bible featuring a number of custom-printing effects including raised bands on the spine of the hardcover case which is covered in imitation leather overlaid with a dense signature composition by Studio Job, gilded page edges, cloth markers, black-letter type, and letterpress elements that distinguish the book from the conventional treatment of design monographs. Further, the slip-cased book is two-in-one with Studio Job on one side, and then on the flip side, the biblical The Book of Job, complete with illustrated illuminations.

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Stephen Jones signs his book ‘Stephen Jones & The Accent of Fashion’ (Momu Antwerp)

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Vincent Van Duysen signs his ‘Complete Works’

Vincent Van Duysen ‘Complete Works’. Inleiding van Marc Dubois:

Antwerpen zaterdag 20 maart 2010.

Beste Vincent,
Best familie en vrienden van Vincent
Beste Hilde en Johan
Beste Copyright vrienden,

Hartelijk welkom op deze boekpresentatie van het oeuvre van Vincent Van Duysen. Na al die jaren mag men reeds gerust spreken van een oeuvre, het visualiseert het werk vanaf 1990, dus een parcours van twintig jaar.


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Ed Templeton signs ‘Deformer’

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Michaël Borremans signs ‘Whistling a Happy Tune’

On June 21st 2008 artist Michaël Borremans was at Copyright Bookshop Antwerp signing copies of his book. He did this in a highly personable manner, addressing everyone individually and for those who asked, he also signed his earlier books and the Antwerp rock band dEUS’ CD sleeve for which he did the design. He even did a tiny drawing in some people’s copy of his book. Parked next to the shop of the shop was an adorable, red BMW Isetta vintage car made in 1959, loaned by Guy, a friend from Ghent.

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Luc Tuymans signs his book ‘I don’t get it’

Luc Tuyman’s monograph ‘I don’t get it’ was published to tie in with his exhibition at Antwerp’s Photography Museum, which included an analysis of the relationship between his paintings and film and photography. Luc Tuymans spent a Saturday afternoon in June signing books at Copyright Bookshop Antwerp.

Shortly before that he had been the main guest on the VRT Canvas television programme ‘Lux’ with Luc Janssen. VRT gave us a copy of the programme and that afternoon we showed it on a computer screen, surrounded by his books.

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Jan De Cock presents his book ‘Denkmal II’

On Sunday February 19th 2006 Jan De Cock’s artists’ book was presented at Copyright Bookshop Antwerp: ‘Encyclopedia Denkmal Volume II, 2005, Denkmal ISBN 9080842427’.

Jan De Cock sees the book of artists very much as part of his artistic production (and like his installations, it is entitled ‘Denkmal’ – ‘mould of thinking’). For his first book he was awarded the prestigious Plantijn-Moretus Prize in 2005. It was presented in the Henry Van De Velde Library at Ghent University.

Copyright Antwerp was emptied in preparation for the presentation. The thousands of books were removed for one day and the shop filled with Jan De Cock’s new book – nothing else! This created a striking contrast between typography and his voluminous book on the one hand, and the modernist architecture of our bookshop on the other.

It was a unique installation for just one day.

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Stephane Beel signs “El Croquis’ in he new law court in Ghent

The 125th issue of the prestigious Spanish architectural journal ‘El Croquis’ was devoted entirely to the Belgian architect Stéphane Beel.

The presentation of this publication took place on the building site of the new law court in Ghent designed by Stéphane Beel. It was a unique occasion and a unique location, specially cleaned up by the building contractors and made safe for the public.

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David Hockney signs ‘Geheime kennis. Secret Knowledge’

We received a phone call from publisher’s Ludion asking if we might be interested in a book-signing session with David Hockney. Naturally, we were very enthusiastic. The only problem was that Hockney would be there the following week, so there was no time to spread the word. A couple of posters in the shop windows at Copyright Ghent and Antwerp, word of mouth advertising… that was all we could do.

The evening was a great success, with a very charming Hockney and lots of happy people.

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Christian Kieckens signs his book ‘Searching Thinking Constructing’

Christian Kieckens is our architect for Copyright Ghent. We are gradually renovating the shop with him, one step at a time. Consequently, we were really pleased that his book presentation was at our shop in 2001.

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Maarten Van Severen signs his first monograph

February 14th 2000 Maarten (who unfortunately died in 2005) signed his books at Copyright Ghent (published by Ludion, sold out). Valentine’s Day seemed to me a very appropriate date, given Maarten’s reputation as something of a womanizer!

Fortunately he also has a sense of humour: in response to our invitation (with hearts, and an impression of my red lips) he had a red roller stamp with him at the book-signing which he used to give the page a touch of romanticism.

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Rem Koolhaas en “S,M,L,XL” conference in Ghent concert hall

In 1995 Copyright hired the Bijloke concert hall in Ghent for a panel discussion with Rem Koolhaas and other architects and architecture critics prompted by the publication of his book ‘SMLXL’. The forum was attended by 1,200 people.

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Kurt Ryslavy. Preview of his book ‘One Fucking Move’

To tie in with the new book published by Dirk Imschoot, we showed work by Kurt Ryslavy, a noteworthy Austrian artist who lives in Brussels and combines his artistic activities with promoting Austrian wines.

On the opening evening, Claudine Bovyn who runs the well-known B&B ‘La Maison de Claudine” in Ghent, sang classical songs. It was such a pleasure working with the Richard Foncke gallery and publisher Dirk Imschoot.

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Presentation of a monograph on Maur-Etienne Van Doorslaer

On April 29th 1994 we presented the monograph of painter Maur-Etienne van Doorslaer, published by Jaak Van Damme, Stichting Kunstboek.

Speakers were the art critic Jaak Fontier and Abbot Paul Standaert of Sint-Andries Abbey Zevenkerken (Bruges).

A modest and most amiable man, Maur-Etienne Van Doorslaer is a priest at Zevenkerken abbey. He spends several months a year in Los Angeles, where the Order also has a monastery.

As an artist Van Doorslaer paints beautiful, understated monochromes.

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Our New Year cards

Every year between 1985 and 2005 we sent our customers a New Year card, produced in association with young, emerging photographers.

Most of these photographs were taken by amateur photographer Ivan Adriaens.
Belgian photographers Dirk Braeckman, Michiel Hendrickx, Lieve Blanckaert and above all Ivan Adriaens took the photographs for us. Usually the card was produced as a tribute to a particular artist.

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New Year’s card 1992. Homage to Piero della Francesca

I happened to have bought the red hat which immediately made me think of the famous painting by Piero Della Francesca. We asked photographer Dirk Braeckman, then still relatively unknown, to make a portrait as a homage to one of my favourite artists. Dirk wanted to do it, but there was to be no mention of his name on the postcard as he doesn’t usually work to commission (except of course for King Albert and Queen Paola years later!).

The portrait was made in his studio, but to integrate the background into the photograph (a section of Piero’s painting), Dirk had to go to a specialized studio in Paris. It was 1992, Photoshop was still very much in its infancy, and he knew a company which specialized in this technique. I still remember the bill we received for that spot of photoshopping! And to think that these days anyone with a computer and a graphic editing programme can do it…

I am holding the book by the painter A.R. Penck: ‘Ich bin ein Buch, kaufe mich Jetzt’. We used that same book for several other New Year cards as an inside joke.

Text on the back of the postcard:
“Dio mi guardi da chi studia un libro solo. Timeo hominem unius libri. Gott bewahre mich vor jemand, der nur ein Buchlein gelesen hat. Je crains l’homme d’un seul livre. God deliver me from a man of one book.”

(old Italian saying, but still relevant today)

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New Year’s card 1993: Jan, Johan and Hilde

The photograph was taken by Lieve Blancquaert, the layout was by architect M. José Van Hee. There was in fact no specific theme, but I was inspired by an invitation for an exhibition at the Meert-Rihoux gallery in Brussels. The card showed a photograph of artist Jef Geys kissing gallery-owner Greta Meert. The simplicity and geniality of the image appealed to me. We made a photograph of me being kissed by my two male employees at the bookshop: Jan Nonneman and Johan.

The text on the back of the card was a Haiku by the eighteenth-century Japanese poet Shiro:

“Morning is breaking
and last night’s storm
is buried in snow.”

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New Year’s card 1994. Homage to Ingres and Man Ray

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres is one of my favourite artists, partly because of his pure use of lines in his paintings and drawings and the unmistakable sensuality they exude.

Photographer Man Ray’s interpretation of Ingres makes ‘Le Violon d’Ingres’ a real icon and Ivan Adriaens and I couldn’t resist doing something with it.

We did everything ourselves (as with all the postcards we have made together). I had cut the F key on my back out of self-adhesive black foil.

Secret: the photograph was taken among the washing lines in the ‘laundry room’ on the third floor at Copyright. The cloth in front of me was held up with clothes pegs. The result was not perfect: you can see a part of the cool-box I was sitting on! (Nowadays of course you would just eliminate that with Photoshop.)

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New Year’s card 1995. Homage to Nefertiti

Nefertiti, another icon from the history of art

We turned to art-historian and Rubens specialist Arnout Balis for the decor. He painted a (half)klaft for us – the typical headdress worn by the Pharaohs, but he forgot the divine snake which usually appears on it. As shooting began, I made one and stuck it on with chewing gum. I also reproduced the Egyptian necklace on the white T-shirt.

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News Year’s card 1996. Homage to the Madonna della Misericordia

The ‘Madonna della Misericordia’, or ‘Madonna of Mercy’, is a classic theme in Italian medieval and early-renaissance painting. I thought it was a beautiful image: Mary enfolding her meek followers in her mantle.

I interpreted this theme as Mary the bookshop owner protectively holding her cloak over her books, a threatened species.

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New Year’s card 1997: homage to Botticelli and Rineke Dijkstra

‘The birth of Venus’ by Sandro Botticelli, one of the most famous paintings in the history of art and a photograph by the Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra, an anonymous girl from Poland on the beach. The similarities struck me immediately.

Venus’ shell became several white books on the beach in Knokke, the Polish girl’s green swimming costume my own black costume.

The white serrated edge round the postcard is uneven and not properly proportioned. I had just given it to the printer as an example, but he copied it in its entirety.

The text on the back of the card was by the American writer-poet Joseph Brodsky:

‘There where past
and future idly linger,
providing a tabula rasa
for the present,
mass scale dictates
taste. Ergo – seas.’

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New Year’s card 1998. Homage to Alfred Stevens

‘Le Bain’ by the nineteenth-century French artist Alfred Stevens is a painting of a woman sitting in a bath holding a white rose and daydreaming. Her book is open next to her on a lace bath sheet (photo 2).

That was the inspiration for this postcard. After many attempts at evoking the right atmosphere (photo 3), Ivan and I tried a different tack. With a more contemporary image by the American photographer Nan Goldin in the back of our minds, we eventually came up with a portrait of a woman reading a book while taking a relaxing bath.
The photograph was printed with a black grain, creating a sort of impressionist haze.

The text on the back of the card:

‘Even an hour in paradise is priceless’, Yiddish saying

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New Year’s card 1999. 119991119199. Homage to Richard Avedon

Indirect inspiration (somewhere in my distant memory, but not specific) came from the photograph by the American photographer Richard Avedon of a beekeeper whose face and body were covered with bees. Abstracted they looked like black spots, and I changed them into the figures 1 9 9 9 for our card. There were no tricks, the figures were literally stuck onto my face and body.
Remember Letraset?

The text on the back was a poem written by the French experimental poet Morel in 1962:

* pilote des Mages
Toi & Moi
(entre nous)
, et la suite
: on va tout savoir
; Ã bout de souffle
? crois-tu ?
un. c’est tout !

Anecdote: That year when we went to Idea Books, an importer in Amsterdam we have worked with for years, the packer who had seen the postcard, asked quite seriously: “Who are moi and toi?” (pronounced phonetically, because the young man didn’t speak French). He thought they were the names of people. This joke has stayed with us ever since.
When Johan and I don’t understand something, we say to each other: “Who are toi and moi?”

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New Year’s card 2000. Homage to Tina Modotti

The intimate but also powerful photographs of Tina Modotti inspired us to create a simple portrait. Tina Modotti (born in Italy in 1896, died in Mexico City in 1942) made a name for herself as a photographer and model and as the mistress of the more famous photographer Edward Weston.

The text on the back of the card was by Luis Borges

‘If I knew what had become of
the dream I dreamt,
or dream of having dreamt,
I would know everything.’

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New Year’s card 2003. Homage to Tiziano and Tintoretto

The first New Year card we made when Copyright moved into the Modenatie. I wanted to do something with the contrast between being naked and being draped, also as a statement in the world of fashion.

We were guided by the Venetian red of painters Tiziano and Tintoretto and the classic theme of the naked woman concealed/revealed by draped fabrics.

We chose a Polaroid photograph with hard lighting so that my body was not flattered but shown almost hyper-realistically. After some discussion (“Everyone wants to look nice, so why shouldn’t I?”), the charmed versions were rejected by the ruthless photographer and Johan!

The text on the back supports the chosen image:
“Skin has no Edges, Clothes do”

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New Year’s card 2004. ‘Ich bin ein Buch wenn Du mich liesst’

‘I am a book when you read me’.

Polaroid showing the book by the painter A.R. Penck already used for other postcards. The book is a real gem. It is conceived as a sort of bible, printed on fine parchment and with gold edge.

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New Year’s card 2005. ‘Learned to write the pain of loss in sand’

A card in which both Johan and I appear, our backs to the onlooker, each other’s face drawn in the book we are holding.

The text was a reflection on an eventful year. A year of separation and continuation:

‘In 2004 learned to write the pain of loss in the sand and in 2005 to inscribe the good memories in stone.’

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First Copyright Bookshop in Ghent

I, Hilde Peleman, had just graduated in History of Art when I started my own Copyright Bookshop. That was back in 1983.

The previous year I had worked as the manager of a bookshop of that same name, founded two years earlier and run by artist Jan Vercruysse. The opening for me came when Vercruysse decided to make art a full-time career. In 1983 I took over.

I immediately started a new section of architecture books and added a selection of art-historical classics to what used to be our core business at the time: minimal and conceptual art.

The photographs of this period were all made by Bart De Baere, now director of the Muhka Museum of Contemorary Art in Antwerp. Back in 1985 he was an art history student.

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Gewad,Ghent, Centre for Contemporary Art

The first bookshop shared a building with an art institution an a ballet school.

The ‘Gewad, Centre for Contemporary Art’,as it soon came to be known, was founded in 1981 by (among others) Jan Debbaut (then curator of the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven), collector Anton Herbert and gallery owner Joost De Clercq.

Even at that early time, the art centre mounted exhibitions of the work of Sol LeWitt, Rebecca Horn, Daniel Buren, Lawrence Weiner, Juan Muñoz, Cindy Sherman, Thierry De Cordier, Gilbert & George and others.

The years at the Gewad were an interesting apprenticeship. They brought me into contact with numerous artists and because the shop was never very busy, I had the time to read about contemporary art and architecture. My boyfriend Johan Boeykens helped me whenever he could.

In the bookshop we sometimes organized small exhibitions with young artists like Patrick Van Caeckenbergh and at regular intervals we would send out little magazines containing book reviews and information about new titles.

In those pre-digital days these were still produced by photocopying, cutting and pasting.

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Exhibition Patrick Van Caeckenbergh ‘A Pied d’Oeuvre’

The work of Patrick Van Caeckenbergh consisted of several parts: the invitation itself, illustrations relating to male and female sexuality behind a sheet of glass and a slide projector incorporated into an upright wooden structure which projected images. There was also a box covered in chamois leather mounted on an artist’s easel, with reproductions on sheets of veneer framed in chamois.

For the drinks at the preview he made something rather special: two glass containers taped together and filled with a red and blue cocktail (a reference to the alchemistic interpretation of male and female sexuality).

Patrick is now a famous artist. For many years he has been represented by the Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp and he has had solo exhibitions in (among other places) the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht and the Carré d’Art in Nïmes.

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Ghent, Jakobijnenstraat 8

The Gewad association was wound up and in 1986 we moved the bookshop to No. 8 Jakobijnenstraat in the centre of Ghent. My partner Johan Boeykens, a philosopher by training, came to work at Copyright full time, mainly looking after the administration.

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Refurbishment of the Ghent Copyright Bookshop by architect Christian Kieckens

In 1992 we asked architect Christian Kieckens to refurbish the interior of the bookshop in Ghent as a ‘work in progress’. The first phase involved designing new furniture including tables and cupboards.

Later on in 1999 new dark-stained maple bookshelves were fitted in the front area. A new counter was installed at the end of 2007.

For the lighting we chose ceramic lampshades by Belgian designer Jos de Vriendt.

At the next stage the entrance to Copyright Ghent is to be renovated by Christian Kieckens Architects. The original nineteenth-century entrance was restored later, new glass doors fitted and a glass display case installed along the length of the wall.

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‘Architecture is …’ A Mail-Art project by Johan Van Geluwe

The opening of the Copyright bookshop in Ghent on 4 October 1986 was marked by artist friend Johan van Geluwe’s Mail Art exhibition ‘Architecture is’, for which he asked a hundred architects and artists to make a statement or drawing on a postcard about what architecture meant to them.

A small book was made for this exhibition.

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‘The Manipulator’ and ‘Code’

‘The Manipulator’ was unarguably the world’s largest and trendiest coffee-table magazine. Measuring 50 × 70 cm, you needed both arms to hold it.

As the title suggests, the content was also uninhibited. Huge photographs, hyper-stylized advertisements, form as the starting point. We showed the 13 issues which had appeared every three months until then (photos 2 and 3).

‘Code’ was founded by a number of artists associated with the Amsterdam gallery ‘The Living Room’.

The magazine had a limited circulation of 450 copies and appeared three times a year from 1987. A signed silk-screen print by huge names like Dokoupil, René Daniels, Günther Förg and Rob Scholte was placed in the middle of each magazine. We showed the complete collection (photos 4 and 5)

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El Lissitzky: pioneer of the Russian Avant-garde

Highlights of this exhibition were Lissitzky’s furniture (brought back into production by the German company Tecta) and his abstract, typographical children’s story ‘From Two Quadrants’ (1920). Sadly, the reprint of the book by the Ghent publisher Danny Dobbelaere has not been available for a very long time.

We also showed the prints from the republished graphics portfolio ‘Sieg Über die Sonne’ (Walther König).
They are the designs Lissitzky produced in 1923 for the constructivist opera ‘Victory over the Sun’ by Alexei Kruchenyk, the inventor of the nonsense rhyme and the key figure in avant-garde poetry in Russia in the 1920s. Malevich had already designed a first version of this electromechanical show in 1920.

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Eileen Gray and ‘l’architettura e anchè donna’

Eileen Gray, modernist architect and designer was the subject of a nice, small exhibition made on the occasion of a large exhibition project on Ghent contemporary architecture, organised by the city of Ghent.

A second exhibition wes related with Eileen Gray and there we presented three Belgian female architects: M.José Van Hee, Monique Stoop and An Wirtz

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‘La Bibliothèque Imaginaire’

To mark the reopening of the enlarged Museum of Decorative Arts (Museum voor Sierkunst) in Ghent, thereafter known as the Design Museum Ghent, we launched the ‘Sier-Cuit’ (circuit) initiative in conjunction with nine design shops and galleries.

We showed ‘La Bibliothèque Imaginaire Designed for Books on Design’: an evocation of an imaginary library where a selection of the finest books about design were presented in bookcases by (among others) Aldo Rossi, Alessandro Mendini and Charlotte Perriand (in cooperation with Surplus, Ghent).

The walls were lined with enlarged reproductions taken from books of magnificent old libraries in villas, castles and apartments, from Moscow to Manhattan.

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Pop Up at ‘Integrated’ International Art & Design Conference, De Singel Antwerp (13-14/10/2013)

Pop Up bookshop at ‘Integrated’, a biennial art & design conference organized by St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp in collaboration with deSingel International Arts Campus Antwerp. In a room with a astonishing view!

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Exhibition ‘Il sentimento Italiano’

Belgian architects and designers expressed their love for Italy. Art & Architecture, landscapes, gastronomy, Italian kitsch were the themes of the exhibition.

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First Copyright Bookshop Antwerp designed by architect Vincent Van Duysen

In 1996 we took Copyright to Antwerp. We found a location in Haarstraat, in the historic centre close to the Grote Markt. Architect Vincent Van Duysen converted two little houses into a small bookshop. To our pride and joy, several Belgian and foreign architecture and design magazines featured the design for its simplicity, functionality and attractiveness.

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Exhibition in Antwerp ‘Haarstraat = Artstraat’

In 1997 we mounted an exhibition entitled ‘Haarstraat = Artstraat’ in the empty houses of the street. We selected architects and artists whose names include the three letters ‘ART’ (Maarten Van Severen, bOb Van Reeth, Narcisse Tordoir, Walter Van Beirendonck and others). Restaurants and cafés in the street (‘Matelote’, now ‘Gin Fish’; ‘Café de la Gare’, now ‘Mangi e Bevi’; ‘De Lantaarn’) joined in.

A year later Copyright organized a discussion evening with artists, gallery owners and critics in the Zuiderpershuis on the theme of ‘the art trade’ to tie in with the publication ‘The Gallery as a vehicle for art’ by the Amsterdam gallery owner Paul Andriesse. There were contributions by (among others) Jan Fabre, Bart Cassiman, Luc Tuymans and Bart De Baere.

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This discussion is culture’. Symposium about the role of the art gallery.

October 12th 1996 Copyright in association with Bart Cassiman organized a discussion evening with artists, gallery owners and critics at the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp about the role of the gallery in the 1990s, to tie in with the publication of ‘Art Gallery Exhibiting. The gallery as a vehicle for art’, written by the Amsterdam gallery owner Paul Andriesse and published by De Balie.

The moderator that evening was Lieven De Cauter. There were contributions (‘Speakers Corner’, each announced by Chopin’s ‘Minute Waltz’) by gallery owners, collectors and art critics, including Anna Tilroe, Jan Fabre, Wilfried Cooreman, Frank Demaegd, Jan Mot, Luc Tuymans, Anton Herbert, Lieve Laporte and Bart De Baere.

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Copyright Bookshop Antwerp Nationalestraat

The business soon outgrew the bookshop in Haarstraat and we looked for a bigger and better location in Antwerp. We found it at No. 28 Nationalestraat, in the Modenatie building (which houses Flanders Fashion Institute, the Momu fashion museum, the Fashion Academy, etc.). In December 2001 Copyright moved in next to the Momu fashion museum and what is now the Yamamoto shop.

Linda Loppa, former Director of the Momu, was looking for a bookshop that could operate independently of the museum and that would offer more than the usual range of books and merchandise found in most museum shops. She chose Copyright and we were the first to move into the large Modenatie building in Nationalestraat in December 2001, followed the next year by the Momu, the Flanders Fashion Institute, the Fashion Academy and Brasserie National. (The new Yamamoto shop has since taken over the brasserie’s premises.)

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‘Interieur’ Kortrijk with a stand designed by Maarten Van Severen

We asked Maarten Van Severen to design a library for us in a stand measuring 4 × 7 m.
He came up with a marvellous design consisting of aluminium honeycomb panels, like the ones used in aircraft construction. It was his first prototype for a library and unfortunately not 100% successful, as the shelves proved unable to take the weight of the books. The furniture was assembled and welded by Maarten and his assistant Willim Phlips.

Maarten showed other furniture elsewhere at the fair and it was during this ‘Interieur’ that Maarten was ‘discovered’ by the Swiss manufacturer ‘Vitra’ which went on to produce his designs.

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‘Interieur’ Kortrijk with stand designed by Jan De Vylder, Inge Vinck en Jo Tallieu

On saturday the 10th of December 2010, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel signed their first monograhy. Playing off of what some see as the near-biblical intensity of Studio Job’s oeuvre, this monograph, their first, is titled The Book of Job. The lavish package resembles a traditional leather-bound bible featuring a number of custom-printing effects including raised bands on the spine of the hardcover case which is covered in imitation leather overlaid with a dense signature composition by Studio Job, gilded page edges, cloth markers, black-letter type, and letterpress elements that distinguish the book from the conventional treatment of design monographs. Further, the slip-cased book is two-in-one with Studio Job on one side, and then on the flip side, the biblical The Book of Job, complete with illustrated illuminations.

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Pop Up at the fair Architect@work Kortrijk with stand produced by the Beton Federatie (Belgian Federation of Concrete)

With the most beautiful stand, produced by the Beton Federatie (Federation of Concrete)

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‘Interieur’ Kortrijk with a stand designed by UNU STUDIO

The stand of Copyright Bookshop at the Design Biennial Interieur Kortrijk 2012 was designed by young French designer Jean Baptiste Goetgheluck!

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Patrick Van Caeckenbergh signs ‘Les Nébuleuses. Mon tout: Les étourdissements’

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