Copyright Bookshop Antwerpen

Copyright Bookshop Antwerp Nationalestraat


The business soon outgrew the bookshop in Haarstraat and we looked for a bigger and better location in Antwerp. We found it at No. 28 Nationalestraat, in the Modenatie building (which houses Flanders Fashion Institute, the Momu fashion museum, the Fashion Academy, etc.). In December 2001 Copyright moved in next to the Momu fashion museum and what is now the Yamamoto shop.

Linda Loppa, former Director of the Momu, was looking for a bookshop that could operate independently of the museum and that would offer more than the usual range of books and merchandise found in most museum shops. She chose Copyright and we were the first to move into the large Modenatie building in Nationalestraat in December 2001, followed the next year by the Momu, the Flanders Fashion Institute, the Fashion Academy and Brasserie National. (The new Yamamoto shop has since taken over the brasserie’s premises.)

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