New Year’s card 2000. Homage to Tina Modotti


The intimate but also powerful photographs of Tina Modotti inspired us to create a simple portrait. Tina Modotti (born in Italy in 1896, died in Mexico City in 1942) made a name for herself as a photographer and model and as the mistress of the more famous photographer Edward Weston.

The text on the back of the card was by Luis Borges

‘If I knew what had become of
the dream I dreamt,
or dream of having dreamt,
I would know everything.’

<p>Tina Modotti, foto gemaakt in 1929</p>

Tina Modotti, foto gemaakt in 1929

<p>Tina Modotti, 1929</p>

Tina Modotti, 1929

<p>foto Ivan Adriaens</p>

foto Ivan Adriaens

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