El Lissitzky: pioneer of the Russian Avant-garde


Highlights of this exhibition were Lissitzky’s furniture (brought back into production by the German company Tecta) and his abstract, typographical children’s story ‘From Two Quadrants’ (1920). Sadly, the reprint of the book by the Ghent publisher Danny Dobbelaere has not been available for a very long time.

We also showed the prints from the republished graphics portfolio ‘Sieg Über die Sonne’ (Walther König).
They are the designs Lissitzky produced in 1923 for the constructivist opera ‘Victory over the Sun’ by Alexei Kruchenyk, the inventor of the nonsense rhyme and the key figure in avant-garde poetry in Russia in the 1920s. Malevich had already designed a first version of this electromechanical show in 1920.

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