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This discussion is culture’. Symposium about the role of the art gallery.


October 12th 1996 Copyright in association with Bart Cassiman organized a discussion evening with artists, gallery owners and critics at the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp about the role of the gallery in the 1990s, to tie in with the publication of ‘Art Gallery Exhibiting. The gallery as a vehicle for art’, written by the Amsterdam gallery owner Paul Andriesse and published by De Balie.

The moderator that evening was Lieven De Cauter. There were contributions (‘Speakers Corner’, each announced by Chopin’s ‘Minute Waltz’) by gallery owners, collectors and art critics, including Anna Tilroe, Jan Fabre, Wilfried Cooreman, Frank Demaegd, Jan Mot, Luc Tuymans, Anton Herbert, Lieve Laporte and Bart De Baere.

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