Joëlle Dubois: Future Nostalgia

Philippe Van Cauteren, Maurice Funken, Femke Vandenbosch

NAK Aachen, Kunststiftung NRW, Thomas Rehbein Galerie, Keteleer Galley & Distanz Verlag, 2023


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In her bold and colorful paintings, Joëlle Dubois (b. 1990; lives and works in Ghent) examines the impact of social media and the role of humans in our modern society. Inspired by the constant stream of photos and video clips of the Internet, she confronts the viewer with explicit scenes of private life. By means of playful improvised compositions, Dubois captures both the surfeit and the transient nature of the images. In her figurative paintings on wooden panels, she deals with topics such as gender, sexuality and fetishism. In a mixture of lethargy, obsession and sadness, Dubois shows her characters in compromising and intimate positions and thus pointedly captures today’s hectic, confused Zeitgeist.

This monograph is the first to offer a comprehensive cross-section of the artist’s work. With texts by Maurice Funken (director NAK, Aachen), Philippe Van Cauteren (director S.M.A.K., Ghent), and Femke Vandenbosch (art historian and critic, Ghent).


ISBN: 9783954765096

244 pagina's, 130 kleurillustraties, 27,5 x 23 cm, paperback, Engels/Duits