Jenny Saville (Museo Novecento)

Sergio Risaliti

Museo Novecento & Silvana Editoriale, 2023


The volume is dedicated to the work of Jenny Saville (Cambridge, 1970), one of the greatest contemporary painters and a leading voice in the international art scene. Saville transcends the limits between figurative and abstract, between informal and gestural, managing to transfigure the news into a universal image, which puts the human figure at the center of the history of art. Huge, naked bodies, with a carnal physicality and oppressed by a weight that is more existential than material, Seville is linked to the great European pictorial tradition in constant comparison with the modernism of Willem de Kooning and Cy Twombly and the portraiture of Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon. Her work also outlines a strong correlation with the masters of the Italian Renaissance, in particular with some of Michelangelo’s great masterpieces. The volume contains a rich catalogue of paintings and drawings from the 1990s to today.


ISBN: 9788836650835

304 pagina's, 152 illustraties in kleur, 31 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels