Renzo Piano: Fondation Beyeler

Renzo Piano

Fondazione Renzo Piano, 2011


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Art dealers Ernst Beyeler (1921-2010) and Hilda Kunz (1922-2008), created the Beyeler Foundation in 1982 and commissioned Renzo Piano to design a museum to house their private collection.
The building features a glazed façade largely looking out onto the corn fields and vines covering the Tüllinger Hills. The two perimeter walls of the original garden site inspired the idea of the museum’s layout. A red wall built with porphyry from Patagonia, South America replaced to the original in place before. The four 115-metre (377 ft) long porphyry walls running from north to south and standing 7 metres (23 ft) apart define the plan of the building. Resting on top of the solid foundation walls, the lightweight glass roof, white enamelled on the reverse, admits northern light but screens off light from the east and the west. Along the northern and the southern sides the roof projects far beyond the walls, shading the glass façades from the sun.
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