Thomas Bogaert: Chalets (Signed and numbered edition of 75 copies)

Thomas Bogaert

Thomas Bogaert, 2020


Artist book.

‘In 2016, on a Friday, I went as always to the flea market on St jacobs in Ghent. This box (see image) was offered for sale for 50 euros, which I thought was a lot of money.
I asked his best price and that was 35 euros  …
I just wanted to think about it but first I would go to the fish market and then I would see.
When I was queuing for fish I suddenly panicked. It would be such a shame if she were gone. So I quickly walked back to the stall at the flea market and bought them right away.

There was a plan in the box on which 14 chalet variations were briefly explained.  All building pieces turned out to be present … So I made all 14 of them, all filmed and photographed 1 by 1.’

(Thomas Bogaert)



96 pages, 21,5 x 15,5 cm, hardcover with on top different tufted chalets in different colors