Kadir van Lohuizen: After Us the Deluge – The Human Consequences of Rising Sea Levels

Lannoo, 2021


In After Us the Deluge, photographer Kadir van Lohuizen, co-founder of the photo agency NOOR Images, shows the consequences of rising sea levels for humans. He traveled to seven different regions in the world (Greenland, US, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Panama and the Pacific) and recorded what is causing global warming.

The result is an equally disturbing and aesthetically impressive time document and photo book.

For each chapter an expert wrote a contribution on the spot about the specific problems in his or her country: Henk Ovink, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Jeff Goodell, Elliot Brown, Amalinda Savirani, Anote Tong, Sharif Jamil, Marjan Minnesma.


ISBN: 9789401473590

488 pages, illustrated, 32 x 25 cm, paperback, English