Jonas Vansteenkiste & Joke Raes: Transitoria

Jonas Vansteenkiste, Joke Raes

Stockmans Art Books, 2021


A wonderful publication by Belgian artsts Jonas Vansteenkiste and Joke Raes.
Transit: the act or fact of passing through a transitional space, an intermediate space.
Transitoria has a relationship with Foucault’s Heterotopia. He uses the term to describe spaces that have more layers of meaning or relationships to other places than immediately meet the eye.
In general, a heterotopia is a parallel space. Foucault explains the link between utopias and heterotopias using the metaphor of a mirror. A mirror is a utopia because the image reflected is a ‘placeless place’, an unreal virtual place that allows one to see one’s own visibility. However, the mirror is also a heterotopia, in that it is a real object.
The heterotopia of the mirror is at once absolutely real, relating with the real space surrounding it, and absolutely unreal, creating a virtual image.


ISBN: 9789464363012

320 pages, illustrated, 23,6 x 16,5 cm, paperback, English