Jonas Vansteenkiste & Joke Raes: Transitoria

Jonas Vansteenkiste, Joke Raes

Stockmans Art Books, 2021


A wonderful publication by Belgian artsts Jonas Vansteenkiste and Joke Raes.
Transit: the act or fact of passing through a transitional space, an intermediate space.
Transitoria has a relationship with Foucault’s Heterotopia. He uses the term to describe spaces that have more layers of meaning or relationships to other places than immediately meet the eye.
In general, a heterotopia is a parallel space. Foucault explains the link between utopias and heterotopias using the metaphor of a mirror. A mirror is a utopia because the image reflected is a ‘placeless place’, an unreal virtual place that allows one to see one’s own visibility. However, the mirror is also a heterotopia, in that it is a real object.
The heterotopia of the mirror is at once absolutely real, relating with the real space surrounding it, and absolutely unreal, creating a virtual image. With texts by Sofie Crabbé, Sevie Tsampalla, Jan Verhaeghe, Frederik van laere, Ranti Tjan, Willem Elias, Stef Van Bellingen, Patrick Bassant, Jeroen Laureyns, Els Wuyts, Mieke Mels, Julie Vandenbroucke, Carine Fol, Meruro Washida, Yoriko Ishizawa, Jan Leysen, Philippe Van Cauteren.



ISBN: 9789464363012

320 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 23,6 x 16,5 cm, paperback, Engels