Branding Element: Logos 4

SendPoints, 2017


Just one single element of a companys brand identity, a logo is rarely changed when established. For this reason good design must balance current trends with classic appeal all the while reflecting the values of the client for whom its expression becomes synonymous. Branding Element Logos illuminates the art of logo creation in the hands of skilled designers who rarely get it wrong. Through interviews with eight design studios from around the world, concept sketches and renderings, we are allowed a window into the creative process and the deliberation that goes into a successful logo. From fields as disparate as food and beverage, fashion, information technology and culture, our view is broadened to encompass the diversity of the marketplace and the possibilities of implementation.

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ISBN: 9789887757207

280 pagina's, kleuren- & z/w illustraties, 21,5 × 26,5 cm, Hardcover, Engels