(Dis)Placed Interventions

Making public space in urban landscapes

Elly Van Eeghem

KASK School of Arts Ghent & Elly Van Eeghem


What makes a common landscape a public space? Around this question, Ghent city resident Elly Van Eeghem created an audiovisual show with photographs, video images, scale models, maps and voice recordings of residents and city planners. With ‘(Dis) placed interventions’ she creates wonder, insight and confusion about the spaces that we share as residents and users of the city.

Since 2012 artist Elly Van Eeghem focuses her gaze and lens on how cities change. In the past six years she has worked in various city districts in Paris, Berlin, Montreal and Ghent. She used photo and video recordings, actions in the public space and archival images to initiate collective interventions with local residents.

The collected material comes from the different city districts, where Elly worked in recent years on the representation of urban development and co-creation of public space. In this publication as the result of her artistic research at KASK Gent, Elly Van Eeghem draws inspiration from the urbanized landscape and the design and use of the city.


ISBN: 9789090314051

Not paged,ring binding, 24 x 19,2 cm, many photographs and illustrations, separate city plan of Ghent, Dutch/English