Van Damme-Vanputte Architects: Morphē

Hannes Van Damme, Benoît Vandeputte

Luster, 2023


The Belgian architectural firm Van Damme – Vandeputte was founded 5 years ago but their portfolio is impressive, featuring new residential constructions, sustainable and high-quality renovations, interior design, offices and corporate sites as well as restorations of (protected) heritage sites.
In this classy coffee-table book, compiled and designed with the greatest care, Van Damme – Vandeputte not only present a selection of architectural creations, but also shed light on the meaningful aspects of the process and philosophy behind their oeuvre. The book consists of 3 parts: in ‘conversation & inspiration’, the architects are interviewed about their architecture and what inspires them, and photos of these sources of inspiration are included. In part 2, ‘works’, 15 projects are extensively presented in beautiful images by Cafeine. Finally, ‘looking ahead’ is devoted to ongoing and currently unfinished projects, with renders and sketches. This unique book is like an extension of the architectural oeuvre of Van Damme – Vandeputte, and exemplifies the passion and dedication with which the architectural firm realises each of its projects.


ISBN: 9789460583575

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 28 x 21 cm, hardcover, Engels