The Art of Kate Malone

Emma Crichton-Miller, James Fox, Kate Malone

Skira, 2024


A sumptuously illustrated monograph of celebrated British artist, Kate Malone (b. 1959) abounds with beautiful illustrations of her exceptional works of art Kate Malone’s brilliance stems from her relentless sense of curiosity, unique handling of clay and commitment to an artistic vision honed over a career spanning four decades.
This sumptuously illustrated publication demonstrates Malone’s ability to distil the power and energy of Nature, this most captivating source of inspiration.
Renowned for her unique and highly skilled handling of clay, this publication demonstrates how Malone’s pots distil the power and energy of nature.
Personal observations and fantastical translations of growth patterns and natural abundance continue to inspire her whilst captivating an ever-increasing audience.
The book also explores Malone’s dedication to glaze research, illustrating a life’s work in the treatment and development of her signature crystalline glazes.
Step into her studio and witness how, with an alchemist’s touch, pure forms in bisque-fired clay are transformed with an astonishing array of unique and magnetically coloured glazes.
Critical essays from University of Cambridge-Art Historian and BAFTA-nominated broadcaster Dr. James Fox and freelance journalist, writer and editor, Emma Crichton- Miller explore Malone’s background, inspirations and standing within her artistic field.
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ISBN: 9788857248752

260 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 30 x 28 cm, hardcover, Engels