Wood and Wood Joints

Building Traditions in Europe, Japan and China

Klaus Zwerger

Birkhaüser, Basel, (3rd) 2015


Building with wood as an ecologically viable material is a tradition with a long history. The timber architecture which has ensued over the past centuries reveals to the modern observer the depth of knowledge which has enabled both Eastern und Western cultures to use this wonderful material in such a creative way.

In the most typical method of building with wood, elements are connected by using wood joints which do not require the assistance of adhesives or metal connectors. This art of wood jointing reached its zenith in Japan; but Europe too provided its share of highly influential forms. By looking at several hundred examples from Japan and 18 European countries, with a new chapter on China added to this enlarged edition, this book describes in great detail the history of timber architecture in terms of its technical, aesthetic and ecological dimensions.

This thorough study is a mine of information to specialists in this field; it opens up to the craftsman of today what has become an almost forgotten world and provides a fascinating account for the general reader.

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ISBN: 9783035608373

328 pagina's, 23 × 30 cm, 680 z/w foto's & lijntekeningen, Hardcover, Engels