Style & Society: Dressing the Georgians

Anna Reynolds

Royal Collection Trust, 2023


From the practical everyday dress of laundry maids to the spectacular glittering costumes worn on formal court occasions, the clothing of the Georgian era reveals much about this revolutionary period of British history. Style & Society: Dressing the Georgians explores the ways in which fashion trends reflected the era’s cultural and political upheavals and how trade, travel, technological advances and influences from abroad all fed into the flourishing of diverse contemporary styles.

In this richly illustrated book, previously unpublished examples of surviving dress and accessories are paired with artworks from eighteenth-century periodicals and paintings by such popular artists as Gainsborough, Zoffany and Hogarth to provide fresh insights into the unique holdings of the Royal Collection.


ISBN: 9781909741850

344 pagina's, 300 kleurillustraties, 29 x 27,5 cm, hardcover, Engels