Modern Buildings in Blackheath and Greenwich: London 1950–2000

Ana Francisco Sutherland

Park Books, 2024


Blackheath and Greenwich, in the southeast of London, proved to be an unusually fertile ground for modern architecture in the decades following WWII. Housing in particular became the prime field of work for many architecture firms, who designed a large number of residential buildings of various typologies, using new concepts and trying new solutions, inspired by the spirit and political developments of the time.

Modern Buildings in Blackheath and Greenwich is based on an extensive research project by architect Ana Francisco Sutherland. It analyzes and celebrates outstanding buildings by well-known architects such as Eric Lyons, Patrick Gwynne, Peter Moro, Walter Greaves, and Chamberlin, Powell & Bon, alongside works by lesser-known firms. A total of 64 individual buildings and housing developments by 38 architects are featured with images, plans, and concise texts.

Sutherland also takes a broader look at the evolution of modern English architecture in the context of social and housing policies of the time. Brief biographical portraits reveal personal connections between protagonists that made Blackheath and Greenwich such an extraordinary field of design experimentation over five decades.

An enclosed map with suggested routes makes the volume also a guide of extraordinary detail for architects and architecture lovers alike.


ISBN: 9783038603429

416 pagina's, 73 kleur en 328 z/w illustraties, 24 x 16.5 cm, paperback, Engels