Irma Boom: Book Manifest (Third Revised and Extended Edition)

Books in Reverse Chronological Order 2022-1986

Irma Boom

Buchhandlung Walther König, 2022



World renowned Dutch designer Irma Boom is known for her bold experimental approach to her projects, often challenging the convention of traditional books in both physical design and printed content. In the book “Book Manifest” (the 3rd book in the series) Irma Boom presents her vision on the essence, meaning and relevance of the book. The basis for this book is formed by the in-depth research that Irma Boom carried out into the development of the book in the library of the Vatican. The knowledge she gained about this, and the inspiration it gave her, is shared with a selection of more than 350 books she designed, in which she extensively discusses the context and relationship with the old book. With this 1000-page, richly illustrated book, Irma Boom aims to inspire and encourage the new generation of designers to experiment, in order to ensure the book’s position for the future.


ISBN: 9783753300017

1000 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 6,7 x 5,1 cm, in box van 15 x 11 cm, Engels