Mapping the Croatian Coast: A Road Trip to Architectural Legacies of Cold War and Tourism Boom

Antonia Dika, Bernadette Krejs (eds.)

Jovis Veralg, 2021


This book, conceived as a road trip, leads through the fascinating architectural heritage from the time of the tourism boom and of the Cold War in Croatia. Along the Adriatic high way, the picturesque coastal road from the 1960s, impressive hotel complexes and secret military posts emerged at the same time, which today share a similar fate: as ruins with a sea view. The authors from the research department of housing and design of TU Vienna outline routes to these hidden architectures, describe their development, their role in the non-aligned state of Yugoslavia, their decline, and their transformation. Eight removable folding maps examine special phenomena of the coastal area and make the book a practical guide on the journey to the hidden gems of the Croatian Adriatic coast.


ISBN: 9783868596489

144 pagina's, 108 illustraties, 21 x 14.8 cm, paperback, Engels