Lothar Baumgarten: AIR

Richter Verlag, 2006


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Artist book in an edition of 1000 copies.

One of the art world’s leading figures for more than three decades, the German installation artist Lothar Baumgarten is known for his subtle cultural critique. His often site-specific installations reflect his interest in ethnographic layers and historical circumstances. For example, in 1978 he lived for a year with an Indian tribe in Venezuela, and during a long spell of illness–he caught two different but equally dispiriting forms of malaria–he taught himself the printed history of the area in its every detail. In Air, Baumgarten assembles a series of impressive black-and-white photographs of Venetian chimneys, which have distinguished the Venice skyline since the Middle Age

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ISBN: 9783934955281

152 pages, 20 x 15 cm, illustrations in bl/w 1 in color, paperback in slipcase, German/English