Living Under the Sun: Tropical Interiors and Architecture

Michelle Galindo, Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, Sofia Borges

Gestalten, Berlin, 2015



The tropics are not only an address, but also a way of life. Living Under the Sun is a stunning showcase of modern tropical interiors and architecture that meld local design tradition and bold innovation in compelling ways.
More than anywhere else on earth, the tropics demand an architecture that can bridge the gap between what is outside — sea, sand, sky, and sun —and what lies within. The villas, family homes, artists’ ateliers, beach shacks, and urban pieds-à-terre featured in the book embrace their outdoor surroundings to offer fresh, often surprising indoor possibilities that are ideally suited to their climates. The elegantly easy-going work featured in Living Under the Sun exemplifies how to create tranquil settings to soothe our hectic lives, regardless of our geographical location.

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ISBN: 9783899555929

304 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 24 × 30 cm, hardcover, Engels