Asnago Vender and the Construction of Modern Milan

Adam Caruso and Helen Thomas (eds.)

gta Verlag, Zürich, 2014


This is the first book in English on the Italian architects Mario Asnago (1896–1981) and Claudio Vender (1904–1986). Their city was mid­twentieth century Milan in transformation, and the extraordinary Milanese architectural scene of that time is revealed in their work and through the writings of their contemporaries. Cino Zucchi and Adam Caruso provide in­depth analyses of the conceptual and material quali­ ties of the buildings, which are illustrated in survey drawings and photographs of a selection of Asnago Vender’s urban projects. The book is the second in a series on The Limits of Modernism – a Forgotten Generation of European Architects

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ISBN: 9783856763411

248 pagina's, 140 plannen & illustraties, 24 × 32 cm, hardcover, Engels/Duits