Guy Tillim. Second Nature

Prestel, München/New York, 2012


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In this book the acclaimed photographer of the series Avenue Patrice Lumumba travels to a Pacific paradise and South America to see beyond the standard postcard images. In reading the accounts of the artists who accompanied Captain James Cook to French Polynesia, Guy Tillim was interested to note that among the captain’s crew was an artist who struggled with the problem of how to convey such an idyllic landscape. Addressing the same challenge, Tillim has created a beautiful, almost mesmerizing series of photographs from Polynesia as well as from Brazil that offer their own answers. Taken at face value, these images are at once gorgeous, subtle and rich in detail. Published in a large landscape format, this book contains highly nuanced images that represent some of the most sophisticated landscape and urban photographs of recent times.

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ISBN: 9783791346908

112 pagina's, 70 afbeeldingen, 31 x 29 cm, hardcover, Engels