Günther Domenig: Steinhaus – Stonehouse Folio XI (Architectural Association, 1986)

Gunther Domenig, interview with Gunther Domenig by Alvin Boyarsky and Peter Cook

Architectural Association, 1986


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Austrian architect Gunther Domenig is known as a non-conformist in the Viennese architectural scene. His controversial ‘Z’ Bank in Vienna is a shocking and expressive building whose contorted and extravagant facade deliberately confronts the traditional concept of the stately character of the Viennese banking world.

Steinhaus-Stonehouse tells the story of the conception and construction of a more personal but no less interesting building- a home cum studio cum intellectual haven for the architect in a landscape which has been part of his personal memory bank of images since childhood. Though the interest in this Folio lies undoubtedly in its description of a particular and highly personal creative process, the problems of response to site, landscape, image and memory which the architect confronts have a wider resonance.

Folio XI contains twenty-two plates of sketches, drawings and computer drawings by the architect plus an illustrated booklet which documents through an interview, photographs, poems and sketches, the particular context within which Domenig’s work has grown and the story of the development of the Steinhouse project.

The cover of the box has two minor scratches, inside perfect condition



Screen printed box, 22 plates, paperback book illustrated , 32 x 32 cm