Buchner Bründler Bauten

Bauten 2nd edition German Language Edition only

Daniel Buchner, Andreas Bründler

gta Verlag, Zürich, 2017


out of print

Basel-based architects Buchner Bründler have established an international reputation with buildings such as the Swiss Pavilion for World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, and the Volta Center in Basel. This monograph presents a selection of the firm‘s projects ranging from the St. Alban youth hostel in Basel to the pavilion in the Jinhua Architecture Park, China. A total of 20 constructions are examined from a variety of perspectives. Photographs and plans are included. Contributions from users, critics, architects, and other participants, in conversation with Daniel Buchner and Andreas Bründler, shed light on numerous fascinating aspects of the buildings and offer an insight into the firm’s working methods.

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ISBN: 9783856762971

350 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 26 × 22 cm, hardcover, Engels