Beautiful Villages: Rural Construction Practice in Contemporary China

Zhang Xiaochun

Images Publishing, 2018


Beautiful Villages gives a comprehensive review of rural construction practices in contemporary China through a number of projects, such as the intervention of artists and art exhibitions, industrialization efforts, and the creation of new social landscapes. In order to explore the social and historical significance of recent architectural work in rural areas, the book presents around 40 projects, most of which are the works of some of the most influential architects in China. The perspective of Beautiful Villages on rural development provides valuable insight for both government officials and architects alike.

Dr. Zhang Xiaochun is an associate professor at Tongji University College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the director of the editorial board of Time Architecture. She is mainly engaged in urban architecture, the protection and renewal of historic buildings, and the renovation of rural architecture. She also pays close attention to interdisciplinary research, such as cultural anthropology.

ISBN: 9781864707984

280 pagina's, hardcover, 400 kleur ills., Engels 280 pages, hardcover, 400 colour ills., English