City of Permanent Temporality

Incomplete & Unfinished

Elma van Boxel, Kristian Koreman

nai010, 2019


City of Permanent Temporality is a journal, project exhibit and a theory for a city that is in continuous transformation, where bricks & mortar and people continue to adapt, without ever being complete. The withdrawal of governments and turbulent market forces calls for new methods of planning and design.
Elma van Boxel’s and Kristian Koreman’s firm ZUS proposes a radically new way of making a city: permanent temporality. This strategy is based on an urban reality of values, material and people; a philosophy that is attached to the past and orientated towards the future. City of Permanent Temporality is a manual for urban design that links temporary interventions to long-term thinking.
Taking as its examples the internationally famous Luchtsingel and Schieblock projects, for which ZUS received the Berlin Urban Intervention Award and the Rotterdam Architecture Award, this inspiring book describes the impressive process of 15 years of work on the test site that is Rotterdam.

ISBN: 9789462082205

450 pagina's, kleur & z/w illustraties, 31x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels