ARN Vol. 5: L’atlas des régions naturelles

Eric Tabuchi, Nelly Monnier

Éditions Poursuite, 2024


Fifth publication in the series of the Atlas of Natural Regions. Nelly Monnier and Eric Tabuchi continue their dizzying ambition to develop a contemporary representation of France. In an approach that is as subjective as it is organized, they are no more attached to beauty than to ugliness, and perpetually make us doubt the existence of a border between these two notions and the relevance of the class judgment which makes them underlie. Natural landscapes, traditional constructions, vernacular or personal initiatives, homes, businesses, there is often humor, sometimes poetry, among the builders and the observers. The banal and the exceptional combine to express the identity of these natural regions. It can be marked or more murky like the geographical boundaries of these regions with lines blurred by administrative modernity, but it emerges for those who want to find it, soaked in rock, sheet metal, grass and typography.

The Atlas of Natural Regions Vol.5 is made up of 16 chapters, 12 natural regions: Auxois, Basse Marche, Bessin, Bocage Bourbonnais, Champagne Pouilleuse, Lavedan, Marais Breton, Monts Dore, Pilat, Porhoët, Segréen, Vermandois + 4 thematic notebooks: 2000, Gates and fences, Twenty-six abandoned stations of the Orient-Express.

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ISBN: 9782490140527

384 pagina's, 500+ afbeeldingen in kleur & z/w, 32 x 17 cm, paperback, geen teksten