Raoul De Keyser: Retour 1964-2006

Steven Jacobs

Ludion, 2008



This publication offers a broad and representative picture of the oeuvre of the important Belgian painter Raoul De Keyser, who began his artistic career in the mid-1960s but did not gather international recognition for his abstract canvases until the late-80s. Consequently, much of his early work was never documented. For this volume, author Steven Jacobs spent years charting the early work, tracking it down and having it photographed. More than two-thirds of De Keyser’s previously unseen work is documented here for the first time, alongside the artist’s most important works and many canvases made since 2000.
Our copy is in good condition.

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ISBN: 9789055447091

256 pages, illustrated, 30 x 25,5 cm, hardcover, Dutch/English