Zoë Komkommer: Dat wij er waren

Zoë Komkommer, 2023


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Zoé Komkommer (b.1998) is a young Belgian photographer.
She got inspired at an early age by her mother who took pictures of her family with an analogue camera; a type of camera that Zoé is using frequently now. Her work visualizes the daily moments that she tries to capture and preserve. In a serene and poetic way, she hopes to hold together all the puzzle pieces that make up her life. Her images are outward signs of the life she leads; trying to preserve and inspired by the underlying fear that all one day may be lost. Her reality is bridged by a dreamlike world. She hovers between the fragility of existence and the power of being. Her work can be described as warmly melancholic.



About 100 unnumbered pages, images in color & b/w, 33 x 23,5 cm, paperback, no text