Wim Delvoye: Labour of Love (Noordbrabants Museum)

Yvette van der Zande (Ed.)

Het Noordbrabants Museum, 's Hertogenbosch & WBooks, 2022



1.054 / 5.000

Critically but with a wink, Wim Delvoye (Wervik, Belgium, 1965) looks at today’s society. This results in works of art that blur boundaries. In his art, the past and the present come together. Attention is paid to the craftsmanship, but also to the ready-made and everyday popular objects.
Wim Delvoye’s art is conceptual. As an artist he wears different hats: the designer-entrepreneur. Heraldic ironing boards, gas bottles painted in Delft blue, cement trucks, the cloaca machine, tattooed pigs, machined motorcycle tires and twisted crucifixes; these are just a few of his surprising and highly original works. They all put a smile on the faces of the visitors who look at them.
The internationally acclaimed artist Wim Delvoye has exhibited all over the world and his work is included in the most important museum collections. A large overview of his work can be seen from October in Het Noordbrabants Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch. It is the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands.


ISBN: 9789462585218

96 pages, 50 color illustrations, 27 x 22,5 cm, paperback, Dutch/English