William Kentridge: Why Should I Hesitate. Sculpture / Putting Drawings to Work (2 volumes + unique silkscreen print)

David Freedberg, Karel Nel

Zeitz MOCAA, Norval Foundation & Koenig Books, 2020


A collectible, slipcased, two-volume overview on the South African artist William Kentridge, featuring a unique lapis lazuli print

Covering 40 years of South African artist William Kentridge’s (born 1955) internationally acclaimed production in drawing, stop-frame animation, video, prints, sculpture, tapestry and large-scale installation, Why Should I Hesitatestands as a definitive statement on his vast oeuvre. This deluxe production, published in an edition of 1,800 copies, is comprised of two slipcased volumes with a unique print in lapis lazuli, each copy stamped and numbered.

‘Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture’ at Norval Foundation, is the first exhibition to adress Kentridge’s output as a sculptor, from the props used in his operas to recent, monumental bronze sculptures


ISBN: 9783960987147

2 volumes in a box, together 754 pagina's, 27,8 x 21 cm, hardcovers, English