Wespi, de Meuron, Romeo

Lynn Kunze (Ed.)

Edition 1:1 / Deutscher Architektur Verlag, 2020


The search for contemporary buildings with a highly personal language, such as found in the ones designed by Swiss architects Markus Wespi, Jérôme de Meuron, and Luca Romeo, is not a simple task. Inspired by the local architecture prevalent in their home base of Caviano, they create timeless living and work spaces which appear neither antiquated nor forcefully bound to a modernistic style. Their architecture focuses on the immediate context, and particularly on the heritage of the canton of Ticino. This monographic volume, which features projects and competition entries designed following the addition of Romeo in 2012, details the firm’s material and formal concepts.


ISBN: 9783946154280

130 pages, illustrated, 29 x 22 cm, hardcover, German/English