Wanderspace / Zwerfruimte

Tine Hens, Roel de Ridder, Leo van Broeck, Jee Kast

RE-ST & Nai010, 2020


RE-ST is a Belgian architecture and research practice that searches for solutions to urgent and complex spatial issues. Through their projects and research processes they look for critical insights and visions of the built-up and open space that remains to us. This leads to the formulation of new challenges and design assignments.

Why do we build more than we need? While open spaces are becoming more and more scarce, we continue to overlook the possibilities of what has already been built. With this publication, RE-ST puts the unnecessary growth of our building stock on the agenda.
Wander space is either built-over or undeveloped space that we have produced together, but underuse on a daily basis. It is space that exists everywhere and nowhere at different levels. Nobody knows exactly how much wander space there is. Detecting, mapping and activating occasional space is a task and an opportunity for the architect. Not to ‘cram houses’ into it, but to work on the redevelopment of what already exists and only build when there is no other option.



ISBN: 9789462085893

336 pages, illustrated, 21 x 10 cm, hardcover, Dutch/English