Vincent Fournier: Brasilia – A Time Capsule

Noeve, 2020


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The artist photographer Vincent Fournier the beauty of this utopian city that never ceases to fascinate.
“My interest in the city of Brasília stems from a mixture of fascination and nostalgia for stories and representations of the Future. Indeed, the city of Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian capital built in four years in the middle of a desert, embodies the vision of the future of the 1960s. The pilot plan designed in 1957 by town planner Lucio Costa coincides with the beginning of the era and the first artificial satellite of the Earth: Sputnik. It is therefore the golden age of the “space age”, and the city of Brasília, with its air of a flying saucer that would have landed in the middle of nowhere, shows nostalgia and the dream of a future frozen in time ”, details the artist photographer accustomed in his work to exploring the different mythologies of the future.


ISBN: 9782490676453

151 pages, color illustrations, 32,3 x 24,9 cm, hardcover, English