View From My Window (Volume 2)

5 chapters, 5 continents, and so many real life stories!

Barbara Duriau, Dominique Maricq (Eds.)



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Barbara Duriau is Belgian and trained as a graphic designer has the outlook of a globetrotter.
Caught between isolation and her own wish to escape, an idea came to her in a flash. « We were going to be in confinement, at home with a single solitary view from our window for many long weeks. What is that view on the other side of the world? And what if I asked Internet users to take photos of their views and share them with other isolated people? This would give them a safe way to connect and escape. »

A real global community has been created. View From My Window, volume 2 pays tribute to the relationships, connections and friendships that have been and are and still do.


ISBN: 9782960291216

370 pages, color illustrations, 24 x 17 cm, hardcover, English