Vienna’s Ringstrasse: The Book

Alfred Fogarassy, Nora Schoeller (photography), Monika Faber, Jochen Martz, Andreas Nierhaus

Hatje Cantz, 2015


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By dismantling the city-walls building the Ringstrasse, Vienna began to merge as a modern metropolis. Between 1860 and 1918, the city created here Europe’s most imporatant ensemble of historicist architecture. An association of forward-looking planning, well-thought-oit financing and entrepreneurial flair combined with extraordinary artistic potential to transform the Ring into the Monarchy’s Main Street and a monument to the era of Emperor Franz Joseph.

In 2015, Vienna’s Ringstrasse celebrated the 150th anniversary of its opening. This gave photographer Nora Schoeller the opportunity to rediscover the boulevard, its grand monumental buildings and palais.

ISBN: 9783775737739

228 pages, 280 illustrations in color & b/w, 30 x 32,5 cm, hardcover, English