Variétés: Avantgarde, surréalisme et photographie 1928-1930

Sam Stourdzé, Ronny Gobyn

Actes Sud, 2019


In May 1928, Paul-Gustave Van Hecke, a man-orchestra of the cultural life of the twenties in Belgium, founded with the surrealist E.L.T. Mesens the art magazine Variétés. Monthly illustrated magazine of L’Esprit Contemporain. Pioneering work, because the magazine is also devoted to unusual forms of art and culture and gives pride of place to all kinds of topics. It is daring to approach photography as a bold and innovative means of expression. In an evocative play of surrealist collages, the photos come together in combinations that are both surprising and strangely bizarre, so that Variétés stands out as a true anthology of New Photography as a modern and independent artistic discipline. The book reviews the most striking series of photos published in Variétés in combination with a unique selection of vintage prints from over thirty modernist photographers brought together by Van Hecke as part of his activities as a gallery owner, art dealer, director of Variety and exhibition organizer. IN FRENCH !


ISBN: 9782330126575

367 pages, illustrated, 30 x 24 cm, hardcover, French