Typology +

Innovative Residential Architecture

Ebner, P., Herrmann, E., Höllbacher, R., Kuntscher, M., Wietzorrek

Birkhaüser, Basel, 2009


Typology+ documents and analyzes roughly one hundred international housing structures. It uses diagrammatic drawings to elaborate a broad and varied range of residential types and present them systematically. In the process, it examines variants under the categories of access, space (ground plan and open space), and morphology, supplemented by detailed typological descriptions and the elaboration of the special qualities of each individual type. More general essays draw connections between the housing types and twentieth-century reference projects. All of the projects are newly drawn to uniform standards; every project is presented with its ground plan drawn to a scale of 1:200. Site maps, sections, elevations, and photographs illuminate the urban setting, the building structure and design, and the spatial and functional qualities of each residential structure. Thus, Typology+ not only offers a broad range of sustainable approaches to apartment block construction, but also possibilities for using and transforming them in a practical planning context.

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ISBN: 9783034600873

432 pagina'ss, 782 illustraties, 340 in kleur, Hardcover, Engels