Turner: The Sea and the Alps

D. Blayney Brown, L. Breitschmid, F. Fetzer, C. Nooteboom, B. Wismer

Kunstmuseum Luzern & Hirmer Verlag, 2019


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Extensive travels in Britain and continental Europe were the inexhaustible source of inspiration for J.M. William Turner’s visionary color compositions. In Switzerland, he experienced the beauty and menace of the Alps, the color sounds of the diffuse light at the sea. The book presents an incomparably original painter on the way to the autonomy of art.

With the temporary peace on the continent since 1802, the London-based artist extended his search for motifs to Central Europe and roamed, sketching his impressions, especially the mountains of Switzerland. In the studio, he developed the unique imagery of his sublime landscapes. Based on images that speak of the natural power of the sea as well as of the Swiss mountain landscape, the authors deal with the change in the representation of the “sublime”, the motive of weather phenomena, Turner’s role as a precursor of modernity and Cees Nooteboom about Turner and traveling.



180 pages, 28 x 22,5 cm, 100 illustrations in colour, hardcover, English