Tuinarchitect Lucas Pieters Roodbaard (1782-1851) en de landschapsstijl

Rita Radetzky

Noordboek, 2021


Landscape architect Lucas Pieters Roodbaard was born in Rolde in Drenthe in 1782 and died in Leeuwarden in 1851. This book places his work in the context of landscape architecture in Northwestern Europe. Roodbaard worked in the landscape style, which is characterized by winding paths, winding ponds, open and closed garden parts and garden ornaments such as arbors.

Redbeard’s life is described, revealing many surprising new facts. He was a favorite within a large network of the Frisian, Groningen and Drenthe elite. It earned him many assignments. He developed his own style in which his visual capacity played a major role. Both his extensive oeuvre and the influence of Dutch and foreign landscape architects have been analysed. New is the method of reconstruction of his working method on the basis of previously unused archival material. Finally, the author of this richly illustrated book with a lot of unknown visual material pays attention to the imitation and appreciation of Roodbaard’s work.IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789056157517

446 pages, illustrated, 26,9 x 22,1 cm, hardcover, Dutch