Toolbox dorpse architectuur

Ward Verbakel, Edith Wouters, Evelien Pieters, Bart Biermans, Joeri De Bruyn

Ar-tur, 2021


From the country to the coast, the villages are changing rapidly. A wave of apartment buildings is rolling over the country and is also an increasingly large part of the housing supply in small village centres. The quality of living in and around the buildings in the village is disappearing. Individual architectural projects can indeed make a difference. Every intervention offers opportunities to strengthen or improve the village core. A construction project can reinvent village living and add new qualities that transcend the boundaries of the project site. Architecture can be generous and at the same time comfortable, future-proof and affordable. There are plenty of examples that show how this is possible.

The book offers design tools in the form of village ‘figures’ and ‘tactics’ for plural living. And it outlines the preconditions for a good process. The Toolbox is an invitation to get to work yourself, to start a conversation about what exactly constitutes good village architecture and to test the design concepts in the field. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789491789281

256 pages, illustrated, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Dutch