The Rebel’s Wardrobe: The Untold Story of Menswear’s Renegade Past

Bryan Szabo, Thomas Stege Bojer & gestalten

Gestalten, 2022


An entertaining exploration of trend-immune fashion classics and the surprising origins of your everyday clothing items. How did the five pocket Jeans or the plain white T-shirt become everyday heroes? Which movie star helped turn the leather jacket into a global icon? And were chinos really created for military purposes? The origin stories of these casual men’s fashion staples will surprise you, and can often be traced to subversive countercultures. The Rebel’s Wardrobe unpacks the modern menswear lexicon and reveals, for example, why the Carhartt jacket designed for railroad workers became synonymous with skaters and graffiti artists, and how polo shirts made the leap from middle-class tennis clubs to British Mods. Traversing genres and styles, this book goes back to the gestation period of iconic pieces and shows how they became timeless classics that transcended fashion.


ISBN: 9783967040722

288 pages, illustrated, 29 x 22.5 cm, hardcover, English