The Disobedience of Design: Gui Bonsiepe

Radical Thinkers in design

Bloomsbury, 2022


This volume presents for the first time in English a curated selection of writings by the design thinker Gui Bonsiepe from the 1960s to the present day. Addressing as it does questions of non-Western design and a design practice that is both radical and democratic, Bonsiepe’s work has assumed new importance for current debates inspired by global political and environmental crises.

Structured into three sections, the anthology first addresses Bonsiepe’s work on design theory and practice, particularly in relation to the history and contemporary relevance of the Ulm design school, where Bonsiepe was a professor in the 1960s. A second section then represents Bonsiepe’s writings after his move to South America in the 1960s and ’70s, where he worked as a design consultant for the Allende government in Chile before the military takeover. In writings from the period, Bonsiepe explores the concept of design ‘at the periphery’ and the relationship of national design traditions and practices in Latin American countries to those of ‘the core’ – Western European and American design. The final section comprises selections of Bonsiepe’s writings on design in relation to literacy and language, visuality and cognition. This indispensable volume includes new interviews with Bonsiepe as well as his original, previously unpublished texts.


ISBN: 9781350162457

451 pages, b/w illustrations, paperback, English