The Book on Books on Artist Books

Arnaud Desjardin

Comma & Bloomberg Space, 2011


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Arnaud Desjardin’s The Book on Books on Artists Books is a bibliography of books, pamphlets, dealer catalogues and other printed materials on artists’ books that takes stock of a wide variety of publications on artists’ books since the early 1970s to assess the historical documentation of distribution, circulation and reception in the field. Together, these materials constitute a unique history of the overlooked ephemera produced by the exhibiting, publishing, disseminating and collecting of artists’ books during the last 40 years. Desjardin’s criterion for inclusion was to include only informational material on artists’ books, rather than critical writing or theoretical texts. Consummately researched, with more than 600 entries, The Book on Books on Artists Books constitutes a groundbreaking bibliography that will prove essential for scholars, librarians and fans of artists’ books.

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ISBN: 978095617384

320 pages, illustrated, 23,7 x 17 cm, paperback, English