Stephen Wadell: Hunt and Gather

Introduction by Michael Fried

Steid, 2011


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Stephen Waddell (b. 1968 in Canada) began his artistic career as a painter. He then moved to film and finally photography. Jeff Wall wrote about him: ‘Stephen Wadell is an outstanding colorist and has a material, chemical feeling for color, both as pigment in painting, and as any and every colored object and creature he encounters with his camera. A photographer who works as Waddell does can’t pick and choose the colors of the things depicted the way a painter can; he or she has to take them as they are and take them quickly. But there are still ways of composing in color, even under these conditions, and Waddell knows about these ways….’

The photographs assembled in this book were mainly taken in Germany, others are from the last twenty years in Japan, Italy, France, Vancouver, and Lebanon.

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ISBN: 9783869301150

96 unnumbered pages, color images, 29,3 x 25,7 cm, hardcover, English