Staël: Du trait à la couleur

Anne de Staël

Hazan, 2023


In this book, Anne de Staël, the painter’s eldest daughter, brings together her childhood memories augmented by an original reflection on the relationship between drawing and painting.

The moments of life evoked were always mixed with the urgency and intensity of the pictorial expression. This is therefore not an art historian’s analysis, but the view of a child who grew up with this painting and who, having become an adult, sought to unravel the mystery of creation which she was partly a witness.
Until now, the link between the line of the drawing – Indian ink, charcoal, graphite – and the density of the color had never been so clearly established.

In always poetic language, the author wanted to show how the work of drawing in the work of Nicolas de Staël underlies color. The painter is in fact one of the greatest colorists of 20th century painting, and here we discover the importance of his work as a designer. The intertwining of blacks and whites also made it possible to highlight the light at the heart of the pigment. In front of a painting, Anne de Staël brings out her memories, a consequence of the aesthetic emotion she received. The work is richly illustrated, and the artist’s daughter gives us a text that is both poetic and personal enriched with the painter’s letters and writings, allowing us to rediscover the entire work of Nicolas de Staël. (IN FRENCH)


ISBN: 9782754113229

240 pages, illustrated, 21 x 18 cm, paperback, French