Spacematrix: Space, Density and Urban Form

Meta Berghauser Pont, Per Haupt

Nai010 Publishers, 2021


Spacematrix explores the potential of urban density as a tool for urban planning and design. The authors’ fascination with density is driven by the desire to understand the relational logic between density, urban form and performance. This is a prerequisite for understanding and successfully predicting the effects of specific designs and planning proposals. The focus of attention is the relationship between types of urban environment and data such as amount, size and physical properties.
Berghauser Pont and Haupt demystify the use of image-based references and concepts such as ‘urbanity’, ‘compact city’ and ‘park city’ by challenging the reliability of such concepts and critically examining the possibility of redefining them through the concept of density.

Spacematrix is of interest to architects as well as urban planners and designers, but is equally relevant for other professionals working in the field of urbanism, such as developers, economists, engineers and policymakers.


ISBN: 9789462085381

288 pages, illustrations in color& b/w, 24 x 17 cm, hardcover, English